Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Broken :P

I was putting this post off because typing takes soo long right now, but I'm finally doing it! Last Tuesday I was at soccer practice (the last of the season), and got hit in the arm with a ball. It was...a pretty powerful kick! I didn't think it was broken at first, but after driving home (one handed) and still being in quite a bit of pain whenever I tried to move it, my parents decided to take me in and get an x-ray. Apparently the bone was cracked straightttt through. Soo... I'm wearing this cool green cast for the next four weeks! I'm counting down the days until June 30! Then I get a shorter one for a couple more weeks.

haha my cast does NOT look like this anymore. It's pretty marked up by my amazing friends! (:
Last weekend we played in the state homeschool soccer tournament. I was bummed that I couldn't play, but I had a blast hanging out there and cheering my team on! This picture ^ was at the end of one of our games when we won in an incredible shoot-out!
Andrea, Izzy, Joe and me...ready for summer!!! I like this picture because it's so.... summery!!