Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's finally here!...summer 2012

When school started last fall, it felt like the winter was going to be ETERNAL.  This was our weekly check-off for co-ops ^.  

But now... SUMMER 2012 is HERE!!!  

Memorial Day parade with Molly. :)

Open houses!  This picture was at Erin's...can't believe we graduated!  I'm going to miss her so much this next year!

I feel like I learned about 5 times as much this year as I have any other year.  God brought me through so many things.  * I learned that I shouldn't take any time I have for granted.  Soon it'll be over, and you'll never regret the time you spent with people, the hard work you did, and the memories you had.  You WILL regret not living to the fullest.  * I learned that God answers prayer.  Even if it takes ten years, God answers prayer.  * I learned that life is so temporary.  What's eternal is what matters.  * I learned that we need each other.  We can't make it on our own, and we should never take any person for granted, because we might not know how much we need them until they're gone.  * I learned that I need to care about people, because if I don't, who else is going to?  Sometimes a prayer or a kind word is all that's necessary to keep a person going.  * I learned that God brings people into our lives at EXACTLY the time we need them.  Not before, not after.  He knows.  

I feel like I'm a much different person than I was this time last year.  Thank You, God, for what you've taught me, and for constantly drawing me closer to Yourself, even when I can't see the big picture.  I can't believe my senior year is done!