Friday, July 30, 2010

Quote for the day

"Am I like Him in my thoughts and in the way I spend my time? If He were physically living on earth right now, would He do what I am doing? Would He not choose His words more carefully than I do? Would silly speech come from His lips? Would He enjoy my friends? Would He spend a fortune pampering His body, and swallow enough food at one meal to feed hungry people for a week? Would He be fashion-conscious, even if that made His appearance ridiculous and offensive? Would His hands be busy with games that drive time away? Should I do anything that would make me unlike Christ?"

-William Gurnall

Friday, July 23, 2010

Poor blog...

Wow! I just realized that I haven't posted on here for a few weeks.
We've been insanely busy over here this month, but having lots of fun, too. :) 4-H projects have been overwhelming and that's been taking up a lot of time. We're learning SO much this year though. :)
This week we've been running constantly every day. Today we finally got a few hours of rest for which we are very thankful. I should probably post something of value rather than just write about us...

Well, this week God has really been showing us how much He is in control and how quickly things can change. We had an unexpected death of a much-loved elder in our church Saturday night. It was pretty shocking and we were just amazed at how quickly a life can be taken. We know that God is in control of every situation, though! It has been amazing this week to see the peace and love shown in his family (and whole family in Christ).

This morning I woke up and found out that our neighbor's house had been burned to the ground. It's completely gone. Fortunately everybody is safe and God really protected them. They seem to be doing well and are peaceful about the situation, though.

God is in control! Are you ready for whatever He may be bringing tomorrow?


Here's a couple pictures from earlier this week... just for fun. :)
In this midst of craziness... we've been having lots of fun this week. On Wednesday was our annual church picnic at the park, which was super fun! This week Elaina has been in a homeschool performing arts day camp, so we're going to see the final performance tonight. :) I'm sure that will be lots of fun! Just a glimpse of what's going on here.... :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

A True Servant

Characteristics of a True Servant

A true servant:
-Knows that all assignments are actually from God
-Will be quick to volunteer
-Considers his assignment important
-Takes orders
-Does not desire to have authority
-Will do what others do not or will not do
-Enjoys meeting needs
-Doesn't need recognition
-Will voluntarily serve without pay
-Doesn't seek higher status
-Will do more than is required
-Does not have his own selfish ambitions
-Will serve anyone-even those whom others don't like to serve
-Is willing to be treated like a servant
-Does not seek the "big" and "important" assignments
-Will serve with a joyful attitude
-Will put his whole heart into each task
-Thinks of others before himself
-Desires that his master receives the credit
-Desires that God receives the glory

-from Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends

Why be a servant?
-Because Jesus was a servant and our goal is to imitate Him!
-Because our happiness comes from giving and not getting, no matter how backwards that may seem. :)
-Because God loves His children and wants us to love them, too.