Friday, July 2, 2010

A True Servant

Characteristics of a True Servant

A true servant:
-Knows that all assignments are actually from God
-Will be quick to volunteer
-Considers his assignment important
-Takes orders
-Does not desire to have authority
-Will do what others do not or will not do
-Enjoys meeting needs
-Doesn't need recognition
-Will voluntarily serve without pay
-Doesn't seek higher status
-Will do more than is required
-Does not have his own selfish ambitions
-Will serve anyone-even those whom others don't like to serve
-Is willing to be treated like a servant
-Does not seek the "big" and "important" assignments
-Will serve with a joyful attitude
-Will put his whole heart into each task
-Thinks of others before himself
-Desires that his master receives the credit
-Desires that God receives the glory

-from Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends

Why be a servant?
-Because Jesus was a servant and our goal is to imitate Him!
-Because our happiness comes from giving and not getting, no matter how backwards that may seem. :)
-Because God loves His children and wants us to love them, too.


Eden said...

Great post, Marissa! I might print this out and put it on our wall. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Lulu said...

I love that list. It's such a great reminder. Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends is such an encouraging, inspiring book! Thanks for this post, Marissa!

Anna Kiser said...

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