Friday, July 30, 2010

Quote for the day

"Am I like Him in my thoughts and in the way I spend my time? If He were physically living on earth right now, would He do what I am doing? Would He not choose His words more carefully than I do? Would silly speech come from His lips? Would He enjoy my friends? Would He spend a fortune pampering His body, and swallow enough food at one meal to feed hungry people for a week? Would He be fashion-conscious, even if that made His appearance ridiculous and offensive? Would His hands be busy with games that drive time away? Should I do anything that would make me unlike Christ?"

-William Gurnall

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Maggie said...


This is deffinatly a very touching quote! Thanks for sharing it with us because it really made me think. I am thinking about pulling out an index card and writing it down to put on my wall for an everyday reminder to live for Christ and be Christ-like in everything I do.

love in Christ,