Saturday, May 29, 2010

10 good uses of the time God's given you

I know that most of the time we are running crazily and not at a loss for things to do (especially you homeschoolers with a lot of siblings :D). That's usually the case for me. Once in a while though, I will have time when things are done and I just am not sure what to do! Later I realize that there are tons of things I could and should have done and wonder why I couldn't see it. :) I decided to make a list of worthwhile things to do whether I feel like I don't know what to do or just feel like I'm not using my time wisely. If any of you have this problem ever, I hope this helps you as well! :)

1) Build into the lives of your siblings
Some ideas: Play a game with them, do a creative art project, make a fort, bake something, write them an encouraging note, take a walk.... etc.

2) Bible reading, study, meditation and prayer
This is an obvious one that we sometimes put off or just leave it because "we already did that today". I'm pretty sure you can't have too much of any of these. :)

3) Ask one of your parents or siblings if they need help with any of their responsibilities (and help them). :)

4) Read
What a wonderful and fun way to learn so many different things!

5) Cooking and baking
This is not only fun and improves your skills, but the results can also be a blessing to your family, neighbors, or...... pretty much anyone! :)

6) Write a letter
Don't you love getting letters in the mail? So does almost everyone else! God will often place someone on your heart that may need encouragement, or just pick someone you know. :) Whether it's just a few sentences saying you're thinking about them or a 5-page letter, people really appreciate you taking the time to write to them and it makes them feel special. :)

7) Work on a nursing home ministry
Spend some time preparing a few songs for you and your siblings to share. People LOVE this! Also, make sure you spend some time talking with the residents if you do this. They especially love seeing families together. :)

8) Use any homemaking skills you have learned
Sewing, knitting, crocheting (there are so many more)...
Make a baby blanket or find another neat pattern and make it for someone else or for your family.

9) Spend time learning or practicing an instrument
It's 1% talent/skill and 99% hard work. :)

10) Get extra responsibilities done
For example: tomorrow's schoolwork, pick up your bedroom... things that don't need to be done now, but you might as well get them done while you have time!

There are so many more worthwhile ways to spend your time, but here are a few ideas. :) Try making your own list to use when you need it! Any ideas you'd like to add to this list?

Let's be set-apart and use God's time wisely! It's so sad to see the way so many teenagers waste their (God's) time. These are some of the most important years of our life and we can do so many things to serve God right now!



Crista "Moriah" said...

What a great post, Marissa! :)

I really enjoyed reading it...and yes, I do tend to struggle in the area of not using my time in a useful way. The list of suggestions you gave on how to use your time wisely is very helpful...thanks for sharing your thoughts on that! :)

Have a lovely evening!

Many blessings,

Lindsay said...

Great list, Marissa!! I've been trying to spend some of my extra time with my little brother Josh. It's so important to invest in the lives of siblings. And it's neat to think of all the memories we're making too! :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!!
~ Lindsay <3

Erin said...

i can see why Andrea says you are perfect... lol ;) i love you Rosiee! You are awesome!

Stephanie said...

I really enjoyed this post, Rissa! I think I may do a post on some worthwhile things to do in the summer. :) Cuz... we have lots of extra time! And I know that unless I plan out what I'm going to do I'll probably waste all my time. haha.
Great post!

Maggie said...

I love this list! I am a list maker and I am going to have to come up with a list of my own too. :)


Emily said...

AMEN!!! I am going to make a copy of that and keep it with me this week! Even though I am busy and do not struggle with boredom I am going to try to make time for the things on this list. Thank you for being encouraging! Can't wait to see you tomorrow...

Crista "Moriah" said...

I *LUV* your playlist, Marissa! :D