Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friendship Afghan FUN!! :)

I'm so excited! I just found out that Eden is organizing a Friendship Afghan project. Each person will make a certain number of squares, the squares get sent out to the different participants, and then you get to sew together the squares you receive. Hopefully I understood that right.... :) You can read about it more over at Eden's blog... check it out!

Thanks so much for doing this, Eden!!! What a neat idea. :)


Maggie said...

Oooh, I did something similar to this a couple years ago and had a blast, only we did it with flip flops. You would buy seven pairs of slip flops and decorate them in a way you would like to wear your flip flops and send them off to certain people. (I don't remember the exact system because it was 3 summers ago almost) I hope making the afghan, I am not good at crocheting squares.


Eden said...

Thanks for posting about this, Marissa! I'm so happy you're joining us! I've set up the poll on my blog so we can choose a color theme. It closes tomorrow so if you haven't voted already, please do so soon!

Have a blessed day!

Abby said...

I am very excited to being doing the afghan quilt with all of the participants! It should be fun.

Are you planning to crochet or knit your squares? :-)

I am knitting mine. I have never learned to crochet. I just can't seem to figure it out.

Happy square making!

You have a lovely blog!!!

I am following. :D



Marissa said...

Hi Leah! I'm glad you're joining! It should be lots of fun. I still need to get my squares started.... :) I'll be crocheting mine. I've done some knitting, but I enjoy crocheting more and it's easier for me. Thanks for following my blog!

Leah said...

I should be lots of fun!

I just started on my squares and right now I am and just testing out different designs. :D

And.. if your wondering... my sister was signed in when I commented. I forgot that she was and not me. So it looks like she commented. :D

Sorry about that.