Monday, September 20, 2010

Victory in Jesus Christ!

We hear that a lot, but how often do we really realize that it's true? We're don't have to fight these battles alone. First of all, we know that we have victory, because Jesus has conquered! Second, God has given us people to help us fight our battles. We're all struggling with things... many of them the same as others. We don't realize that we need to stick together and fight!

Saturday we went to a fantastic youth rally and I heard this example. You're in a battle and you have 10 people to fight. Your enemy has 5 people, so you know that you can beat them easily. You send one man out to fight the enemy. Of course, he gets defeated (5-1, right?). You send another man. He's defeated as well. This continues to happen until your whole army is defeated! Why did this happen? It was 10-5?!?!? Of course it was because you sent out your men alone! If everyone would have fought together, you would have won!

This is what we do as Christians! God has given us family in Christ to help us in our weaknesses! We need to stay together and fight, knowing that we can win only through Jesus Christ.

Don't fight your battles alone.

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Bonnie said...

Hi Marissa! That's a great illustration! I'll have to keep that one in mind for sharing with others also :)

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