Friday, July 22, 2011


This is my amazing friend, Rachel. She's absolutely incredible. And isn't she cute? (: Look at those braids! hehe I'm doing them as soooon as you get back, Rach.

Rachel, I'm sooo blessed to have you in my life! You're always there, you're a fantastic listener, and you give Godly advice(: I loveee talking to you.

I hate that you're like 234985069812938740958 miles away right now. Not cool. You needa come back. :P

Thank you for always being there, shining for Christ through everything, and being one of my best friends, Rachy! Pleasee come home because I misss you so much! Love you! <3


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Marissa Chester-Vice President(;


Colette said...

I AGREE!! Rachel is totally amazing :) :)

Andrea Nicole said...


Rachel said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I can't believe you actually did it! Haha it was originally a joke ;) I Midas u soooo much! I'm so glad were still able to communicate even tho I'm 142738463839736447388393746389393 miles away. Thanks- you're amazing :D

Rachel said...

Hahahha my iPod spell checked that word into Midas! Oops....Haha that was funny :)

Marissa said...

hahaha I figured(; I didn't think Midas had anything to do with your comment. hahahahaha(: