Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still alive!

Yep, I'm still here(:

Well, school has started and fall is definitely in full swing. I'm still missing summer! Fall's beautiful too, though. Andi and I went out and took advantage of the beautiful day today(:

Some things the past few weeks have included:

*Harvesting honey
Our hives did really well this year and we got buckets and buckets of honey and comb! Mmmm. It really does make your teeth whiter, too. I'm tellin ya.

Last Friday night I was sitting at the kitchen table doing Physics like a good little girl....until Elaina excitedly ran through the door announcing that she shot a deer. Turns out she got TWO. I spent the next 6 hours tracking blood trails through the woods in the dark, hauling deer, and chopping and packaging meat. Kinda gross, but hey, now I've got deer, rabbits, and fish down! I should go into business! Ew. no. haha We have a ton of venison now though, which is delicious! Getting to bed exhausted at 2a was worth it.(:

This year Andrea and I decided to audition for Homeschool Performing Arts' production of Wizard of Oz. We started rehearsals last Friday. I think this year's going to be an absolute blast! I'm really looking forward to learning a lot, making and building friendships with the incredible cast, and getting closer to God through it!

*Davis Harvest Party!
One of the highlights of the year...definitely a highlight of fall!

Life is great.(: We kinda have a shortage of pictures lately... we haven't been taking many so I really don't have any for any of those things! ^ Sorry! But hey, I posted.(:


Jo said...

Thanks for the update! Nice pics.

Emily said...

yay!!! you are alive =} love you <3

Colette said...

The pics of you and your sis are SUPER cutee!! :)

Rachel said...

Ahhhdoorrablleee pictures, girl :)