Monday, April 16, 2012

The little things.

I rush way too much. I overlook the things that make me smile. Today I didn't do that. Today I thought about the things that made my day brighter. :)

Getting coffee with my sister. :)

Living on a farm. Well actually, this is a huge thing, and I thank God for it all the time. Today, when I opened the barn door and saw that the pigs had gotten out and were running and squealing all over the place, I smiled. I smiled as I sprinted up to the house and called the whole family for help, and I laughed when everyone burst through the barn door ready to herd pigs. :)

Before you go to sleep tonight, try to remember a couple things that made your day a little brighter. I guarantee there's something.

The happiest people are the people who see the good in whatever situation they're in. Don't always be looking for something better. Simply thank God for where you are.

Let the little things in life make your day.


Nicholas Miller said...

Wow - Thank you so much for this post, Marissa. I really needed it today. Life is HARD right now, and I'm always overlooking the little things. I'll try to find some little things to take joy in today. :) Thanks again!

Emily Calhoun said...

girly, you made my day a lot brighter! (not that you're a little thing ;-) i love you <3

now that you're done with hpa... let's get together!!! SOON!