Thursday, December 6, 2012

Expect a Miracle

I saw this on a church sign yesterday.

I looked up Webster's definitions of expect:
Expect- to look forward to; to consider probable or certain.

We know in our hearts that our God is the God of miracles.  Our God is the God who does the impossible.  But do we know it in our heads?  Is it real to us?

 I've seen miracles.  Too many to count.  Eleven days ago, God healed me of acid reflux, which I've had for years.  It was getting worse and worse, and finally got to the point where I would wake up in the morning and it would be hours before I could talk.  I couldn't things that had much acid (which is a LOT of things, actually!), and eating at all made my throat hurt.  There was nothing I could do to make it better.  No amount of tea or cough drops made it stop.  Even medication only worked for awhile.  A couple Sundays ago, my pastors prayed over me for my complete healing.  Before we started praying, one of them asked me, "Marissa, do you believe God can heal you?"  My immediate answer was "Yes."  I've seen way too many miracles in my life to doubt my God.  Monday morning, I woke up COMPLETELY HEALED.  My voice is back, I can eat anything I want, and no more pain!!  I am so thankful, PRAISING GOD, but the one thing I'm not is surprised.  :)

Three times I've seen prayers answered after I prayed for over 5 years.  Besides that, I saw my brother healed from a much, much worse case of reflux, and I saw my God-sister raised from dead.  Not to mention the small miracles I see EVERY DAY of my life.  I will NEVER doubt the stories of Lazurus being raised from the dead, or Jesus healing the blind man, or God making dead bones live again.  

Now, I expect miracles.  I expect my God to do the impossible, because that's what He does. We don't chase miracles, miracles chase us.  

Believe in them, and you will see them.

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