Friday, August 20, 2010

Hard Things

~This post was supposed to go before the last one, but somehow blogger published it after~

As I'm sitting here waiting for pictures to upload for a post about our summer trip, I realized, "I've been posting about what I'm doing this summer, how I'm having fun, and endless pictures." Fun posts and pictures are by no means bad or wrong at all, but I figured I should really post about something worthwhile.

I just started the book Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris. After reading Do Hard Things last year, I knew I couldn't miss this book! Only a few chapters into the book, I have been so encouraged that God does have hard things for us to do right where we are. Some may be big-- like raising money for a new well on the other side of the world. Some may be "small"-- helping an elderly person scrape snow of their car or befriending a stranger. The main thing is learning to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit wherever you are. God has jobs for us, we just need to learn how to listen and obey.

I started the book last night and since then my mind has been swirling with hard things that I can do for the Lord, some big and some not-s0-big. My siblings and I have a nursing home ministry that we've been doing for a while now. We usually go to a certain facility once a month and play for the residents, and recently I've felt that God would like me to add another place that we go. I found somewhere that we've been before and my mom also thought it would be a good place to call, but talking to people I don't know is not something I love to do. I really felt like God wanted me to do it, but I really didn't want to. My mom offered to do it for me, but I decided that this was a hard thing I needed to do, besides, it will get easier every time, right? :) So I called, and it ended up being a lot easier than I thought. I don't know what they'll decide, but it's up to God now, and I did a hard thing for Him!

My point being: pick a hard thing and do it! Don't wait. Make a list of steps you need to do leading up to your final goal. Ask for God's blessing and plunge in!

Soli Deo Gloria-- always!!!


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