Tuesday, August 17, 2010

There and back again... more summer

And now for a fun post--with pictures. :) Andi and I (mostly Andi) took so many pictures on this trip, and this is just a few of them. I had trouble weeding them out!

Last weekend we went up north with our very good friends and enjoyed getting to see them again! We've been going up almost every year since Andrea was born, so it's always something we look forward to.

Ian with our God-sister Talitha. This is the first time we've seen her when she's actually really talking- a lot! She is so sweet!

She and the boys got along so well!

Saturday we went to Lake Michigan and swam, ran on the sand dunes, and looked for Petoskey stones. I found this really neat one right on top of the sand!

~Discovery Center~
Someone managed to catch a picture of Andrea smiling. :) I'm not sure she enjoyed this part as much as the rest of us.

The challenge was to stack these magnets up to the paper. It was a little harder than we thought, but we did it! Teamwork! Mom couldn't get any closer with the camera because apparently the magnetic pull is so strong that it ruins electronics.


More swimming in the lake.



Andi and I with our God-brother Luke.


Right before leaving for home. We went to a different part of Lake Michigan a few hours before we got in the car for the 3+ hour drive home. Unfortunately our family aren't very good travelers, so 3 hours to us seems like a long time. :)

Now that fair and going to the cottage are over for the summer, we're not very busy and are just enjoying the last few days of the summer! God's faithfulness has been evident all year and I'm looking forward to seeing what He's going to do this fall/winter. It's hard to trust sometimes, but I know that God has the perfect plans for my life always. I've been wrestling with doubting and trusting the last few days... and it's good to know that God's always in control of our lives.

What's been keeping you busy this summer?

In Christ,

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Anonymous said...

How fun that you went to a lake! I'm sure it was refreshing in the hot summer days! We just got back to our beloved beach :) My sisters are enjoying the water a lot- and I hope to get to enjoy it too because school already started and I will be SO busy!!! Aaah!