Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas break--Bowling! :)

This would be me trying to get a good picture... didn't work so well. :) haha
Last week (yes, I'm way behind on this post) we got some friends together to go bowling during break. :)


Sarah and Melanie :)

Tori and me

Trying different techniques...

...we're not the greatest bowlers in the world... but we had lots of fun!
Hey, we had food (you can't really see it in the picture), so it's all good. :) haha
Ian and Matt

My sister!

Andrea was busy bowling and didn't get too many pictures, and mine... well... don't compare with hers! But we got some. :)

Hope everyone's Christmas season is going great!


Anonymous said...

My family and I went running together on Christmas Day at the beach. It was so good to be out! We took pictures and got fresh air into our lungs.

Andrea Nicole said...

FUN time(: sorry i didnt get more pics sis! yours are great!