Tuesday, September 4, 2012

...and it's over. (plus fair week 2012 :))

I'm so behind on posting on here!  Too much other stuff going on and I just never get around to it.  Well, summer's over, fall's almost here.  Crazy... This year has gone by so fast.  I suppose some pictures of the summer are in order!
Alright, I changed my mind.  I started by looking at fair pictures, and after going through about 500, I decided this post is ONLY going to be fair pictures.  Best week of the summer right here. :)

 Just chillin... 
Waiting to show.  Swine took ALL DAY. 
 Ian showing Oreo.

 Hangin out at the camper. :)

 Elaina at the auction
 Getting set up before the week started
 Elaina and Boaz
 dairy feeders
Webberville kids

Well, those were in no particular order.

  Hope you all had a great summer! :)

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fawn said...

Marissa, It's a treat to read your post and view some terrific pictures! You're getting me excited for our local fair! Keep posting!