Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December ALREADY?

Wow, this year has really flown by for me! It has been such a fun year and although it has gone by really fast, a lot of great things have happened this year. :)

At the beginning of the year I made a list of 10 things (character qualities... etc.) I was going to work on for the next 12 months. It was looking at the list again this morning and it was very encouraging to realize that I actually have gotten better at many of them this year! :) Of course I still have lots to work on in probably all of those areas, but as I have seen, God is faithful to help me with each and every one!

Christmas is quickly approaching and before we know it 2009 will be over.... wow. Let's not lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas as we celebrate the Savior's birth this month!

Have fun shining the light of Christ!



Hannah said...

I know, this year has went by really fast for me too!
I should make a list like that for this upcoming year. It's a good idea!
Have a wonderful snow-filled day! I am!

~Miss Raquel said...

I know! I can't believe 2009 is almost over! This year has held so many different things in it for me, though. I've really grown in my walk with God, have gone through just heart breaking times, but have also learned to forgive and love my "enemies".

Stay warm, dears! :)
~Miss Raquel

~Miss Raquel said...

P.S. Yes, indeed! Let us NOT lose sight of the TRUE meaning of Christmas!