Saturday, December 5, 2009

First snow!

My crazy but awesome brother wearing shorts. :)
Oh dear, Seth. I think he had snow in his mouth or... something.

Sorry about the bad quality!

Anyway... the first snow is always very exciting!


Hannah said...

Yeah! The first snow!! I like to have barefoot snow races with my siblings... its fun (and cold!)

Lindsay said...

Oh, that looks like fun!!
We had our first snow in October.
That was a real surprise! :)

~ Love,

Jenna said...

My younger siblings were *thrilled* about the snow too!! Have fun:)

Emily said...

BURR!!! We missed you guys at the 4H meeting =(

There isn't one next month just to let you know... we HAVE to get together SOON!


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

I've tagged you on my blog! :)
God Bless,

The Cowgirls said...

Hey there,
WE Tagged you ! Go to our blog !!
Have Fun Love The Cowgirls