Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marissa is in Grand Rapids!

Hey Everyone!
I know how much Marissa LOVES for me to do posts about her.....
haha but I just wanted to say that she got into the All State Honors Orchestra so right now she's down in Grand Rapids and will be coming back and forth at night for three days. :)

Please pray for her safety, that the roads will be good, and that she has a great time!

In Christ,



Jenna said...

Hey Andrea!
Wow, it's crazy to know that Marissa is just 10 or 15 minutes away from me!!! I would love to meet her, but I don't how we could work that out...

Oh well! Good job Marissa and have a wonderful time here:)


Erin said...

yay Rosiee!! i hope you have fun! (even though you're the only girl from HSMA! :/)

Emily said...

Andi- that is so cool! I will be praying for her... and you that you don't miss her too much =D See u Sunday!


Marissa and Andrea said...

Thanks so much for your prayers girls. :)

Jenna-- I would have loved to meet you too! I'm not sure how that would have worked... but it is neat that we were so close! :)

Erin-- Yes... it was interesting. :) I wish you were there!

Emily-- Thanks for praying! :) We're SO excited to see you tomorrow! :)

Andrea-- .... *ahem* we need to have a little chat about this....

Thanks again!