Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy 14th birthday, Andrea!!!

Today is Andrea's 14 birthday!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend!

14 things about Andrea:

1. She's almost always happy :)
2. She likes photography
3. She loves to write and I love reading her stories!
4. She's good at making up recipes
5. Neon colors are her favorite
6. She loves animals
7. She plays cello and piano and has a great voice
8. She doesn't like snow very much
9. Spaghetti is her favorite food
10. She's a FUN babysitter
11. Soccer is her favorite sport
12. She has a heart for serving other people
13. She loves when people play with her hair and she loves doing other people's hair
14. She likes to read about adventure!

The last few days have been so warm.... almost like spring!
Well... almost 40 degrees anyway!

Isn't is awesome to be outside without a coat?!?
It's a birthday blessing for Andrea who is not really a winter person... :)

I love you, Andi!!!



Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Andrea! =D isn't it just gorgeous outside?! I am really looking forward to spring/summer :)

~Miss Raquel said...

Oh happy birthday, sweet Andrea!! May your day be filled with much love and an abundance of blessings!! You and your sister's blog is so fun to read and the love between you to is such a joy to see! You have a wonderful best friend! :)
Dears, you'll have to change Andrea's age above her picture in the sidebar. :) Don't forget! :)
Love to you both!
~Miss Raquel

Lindsay said...

Happy birthday, Andrea!!! We have a lot in common... a lot of those things describe me too! Anyway, I hope you have a special birthday. :)

~ Love & Blessings,

Erin said...

HAPPPYY BIRTHDAY CHessie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I had no idea it was your birthday today :-) That is really cool!
Now our ages are Marissa 16, Emily 15, and Andrea 14! Cool! ;-)



Morgan said...

Happy Birthday Andrea!!!!!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea!! I hope you had a GREAT day!


Rachel M. said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea! Have a great day! :)

Sisters of Grace said...

Happy 14th birthday Andrea!!!
Have a great day, and a Wonderful year!


Melinda said...

Happy Birthday, Andrea (a day late)!!!

May God richly bless you! You sound like a very sweet young lady!