Thursday, August 6, 2009

I miss my sister....

Last Tuesday we took Andrea to camp for the week..... It's only Thursday and it seems like it's been--wow... I didn't realize it's only been two days--a lot longer. I had no idea how many times I tell her something, do something with her, need her help... etc. during the day. A LOT!
We both went to this camp last summer. It was fun and and we learned a lot. I am pretty sure she is having a great time there. I can't wait until Monday when she gets home, though!
Andrea is such an amazing sister. I miss her and I can't wait until she gets home!
In Christ,


Livvy said...

Ohh, I know exactly how you're feeling. When we have to take my brother, Mike, to summer camp, he usually stays for a week and it feels like a month. Being best friends, I miss him alot.

With hopes that the time will pass swiftly for you both,

Erin said...

i love you guys!! i cant wait to see you! do you know if you are gonna be able to make it to the fair? that would be awesome! ♥Erin Paigee Rory SWETTTT

Marissa and Andrea said...

Thanks, Livvy and Erin. :D It seems like it's been a really long time! I miss her! :D
Erin, we are probably coming to the fair Friday evening. Do you know if you're going to be there then? I hope we see you!