Monday, August 31, 2009

Meijer Gardens/God's beautiful creation

This Saturday, our family went to Meijer Gardens.
We had a lot of fun, and I got tons of great pictures!

Ian and I with 'Grandma and Grandpa'
There was a horse that was so big I could fit under it's hoof! It was really cool!

God's creation is amazing!!
My dad wants to build one of these..... :)
The pump.

How cute!
What a sweet girl.

Hear anything???

God bless!


Lindsay said...

What a beautiful place!! I just love the pictures of the flowers. They're so pretty! :) I hope you girls are having a nice week.

~ Love in Christ,

Erin said...

awesome pictures! haha i love the one you you standing under the horses hoof! i cant wait for orchestra to start!!!!!!! ♥Erin Paigee Rory SWETTTT

Anonymous said...


Jenna said...

Do you live in MI? We have a Fredrick Meijer Gardens here that look just like the pictures that you posted!

Just wondered!

Marissa and Andrea said...

Yes, we do live in MI. Wouldn't that be neat if we lived near each other!?

Meijer Gardens is a beautiful place isn't it?

Jenna said...

Oh, how fun! Do you mind sharing what city you're near (if you don't want to be specific)? We're near Grand Rapids.


Marissa and Andrea said...

We live about an hour away near Lansing. That's so neat that we live that close to each other! :D Let us know if you're ever coming this way! :)