Sunday, August 16, 2009

So I Will Trust You

Almighty Maker, Universe Shaper,
You put the stars into space,
yet You descended, You have befriended
those who had hated Your name, just like me.

King of Glory, I know You love me,
so I will trust You.
Yes I will trust You.
God almighty, You have saved me,
so I will trust You.
Yes, I will trust in You.

Lord over nations, King of Creation,
heaven and earth bow to You.
I am Your child, I've been reconciled,
with tender affection You drew me to You.


How could I not trust my King,
the One who has formed me and shaped me?
I will rejoice and will sing,
for the One who has made me has saved me.

Yesterday I got The Worship Songbook Volume 3 by Sovereign Grace Music. This is one of the songs in it, you can listen to part of it if you go to the bottom of our blog. Their songs are really neat. A few people have told us we need to get some of their music so we finally did and I really like it. :D
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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