Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family First!

Families are part of God's special design and should be treated as though they are part of God's design. It is so easy for people to throw away their families and turn to friends instead. Yes, God gave us friends, but our families came first!
Families are wonderful! It's like a having a play date and sleep-over with your best friend all the time! Making your siblings your best friends is amazing because if you can just get past your differences, ignoring them and seeing your similarities, you will find that buried underneath all of this, there is a real gold mine! The other thing is serving your family.
Often our fathers have wants and desires that they don't share with you, but if you asked them, they would be delighted to share these desires with you and love having your company while you help them. Our father is a HUGE gardener. He wished he had more land then we have, but makes the most of what we do have. He has almost thirty fruit trees on just a half acre and a garden that would make your mouth water! He loves having our help with planting, watering, and harvesting, but we don't do a good enough job at asking if he would like help.
When we do ask, we are hesitant at first, (mostly because it doesn't look like that much fun) but it turns out to be a blast just making our father happy.

We also want to love our families. Showing your family that you will always be there for them, enjoying life with them, and letting them know that they will come first, before friends and sports and anything else you might do is so important.
Have fun with your family! Simply playing with them and spending time with them shows them that you love them and that you care.
Families are God's gift to you. Enjoy one another, love one another, serve one another, and be each others best friend. They are there for a reason.
God Bless,

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Marissa and Andrea said...

Great post. Thanks for being my best friend!! :D I love you so much!!! You are an awesome sister. :D