Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am my father's daughter--and I love it!

Yes. We are our father's daughters. We always will be. But whether we love them and give them our hearts is up to us. No one can make us love our fathers but us.
Giving our hearts to our fathers means:
1. Submitting to their authority.
2. Trusting his decisions and showing him that.
3. Loving and caring when he feels bad.
4. Helping out when he needs it or just wants it.
5. Living as if you were his servant.
6. Believing in him.
Fathers love it when you believe in them. When you show that you think they can take care of whatever problem they're facing. (especially with God's help) They love to be needed. And they should be! Men feel good when you complement their decisions-showing that you trusted what they did.
Finding goodness in your father makes you closer to him. I could find all the bad things about my father, but the thing is-I don't want to! God gave me a wonderful father! He is so amazing and I feel terribly blessed!!! God made him exactly the father that I needed-He is so good to us! If we find all the faults with our fathers we might build up hate for them, but when we find the goodness, and focus on that, we build up what I now finally have! A wonderful, loving relationship with the man God specially gave you!
When we show our fathers that we love, respect, and give our hearts completely to them, we build a strong relationship with love, happiness, and get an amazing gift!

God Bless!

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